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Chill water treatment is a type of industrial water treatment focused on maintaining the performance of the chiller by removal or chemical modification of substances potentially damaging to the chiller. We are Maintaining and Monitoring of Chemical treatment programs for Chill water systems to prevent formation corrosion inside the systems.

The contamination of the heat-transfer surfaces of the chiller is the largest problem area that can influence chiller efficiency. The effectiveness and efficiency of a chiller rely greatly on its ability to efficiently transfer heat.

If the tubes of a chiller become completely covered or blocked with corrosion, sludge, or biological growth, their thermal performance capacity drops substantially. The rate at which this fouling occurs depends primarily on the quality of water in the system, but even a thin layer of contamination can impact on decrease in overall performance.

We use Close System Corrosion Inhibitor, bacteria and algae growth preventive chemicals

Our Brands

HYDREX (France/Singapore)

Industrial Water treatment chemicals for condenser water System, Boiler water System & chill water system (FDA Approved / ZDHC certified/ ISO certified )


A/C Fin coil cleaning chemicals. Descale & Rust remover chemicals. Alkaline decarbonize chemicals. Condensate pan maintenance tablet.


Chemical Dosing Pump. Automatic blow down system (TDS/EC Controller system)

Total Water Maintenance Solution (Chemicals) Provider Since 1993
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