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The treatment of boiler water is a mode of industrial water treatment which focuses on the removal or chemical modification of substances that may be detrimental to the boiler. To avoid any potential scale formation, other depositions and corrosion within the system, we inspect chemical treatment programs for steam boilers and hot water boilers.

Our boiler water treatment is primarily based on boiler feed water to achieve three key goals.

  • Continuous heat exchange
  • Prevent the scale deposition
  • Corrosion protection
  • Production of high quality steam

Hardness contamination of feed water and corrosion products from the condensate and feed water system may result in deposits in boilers.   Deposits and corrosion significantly contribute to failures in performance, Efficiency and can result in failures of the boiler tube and the inability to generate steam. Deposits act as insulators and slow heat transfer. Large quantities of deposits in the boiler may reduce the heat transfer enough to significantly lower the boiler efficiency.

By adding chemicals to the boiler, we are carried out to avoid scale formation by converting the scale-forming compounds to free-flowing sludge, which can be eliminated by blowdown     


We supply FDA approved inorganic and organic scale inhibitors, organic polymers, deposit control agents and a specific antifoam and freeze stable alkalinity builder which was formulated to be highly effective under a wide variety of operating conditions. It provides additional sludge conditioning to aid in removing contaminants from the boiler system. And also include oxygen scavenger to prevent the corrosion inside the system

Our Brands

HYDREX (France/Singapore)

Industrial Water treatment chemicals for condenser water System, Boiler water System & chill water system (FDA Approved / ZDHC certified/ ISO certified )


A/C Fin coil cleaning chemicals. Descale & Rust remover chemicals. Alkaline decarbonize chemicals. Condensate pan maintenance tablet.


Chemical Dosing Pump. Automatic blow down system (TDS/EC Controller system)

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