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Total Maintenance Solution (Chemicals) Provider Since 1993
Willpower Water Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, is a private limited liability company in Sri Lanka engaged in import, export, manufacturing and trading activities.

We Willpower Water Technologies (Pvt) Ltd are the Exclusive Agent in Sri Lanka for “HYDREX” Water Treatment Chemicals from Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies, France. Veolia Water Technologies is a Global Leader Water Treatment Company. “HYDREX” is recognized as one of the best brands of water treatment chemicals in the world. (For more information please logon to www.veoliawaterst-sea.com) Holding Exclusive Rights of Representing Some Prestigious Foreign Manufacturing Companies.

We have been providing HYDREX Industrial Water Treatment Chemicals and Applied products with Sri Lankan Industry for the last 30 years for the maintenance of Condenser water (cooling water) system, Chill water system & boiler system


To be the most reliable, expert and popular source of supplies to chemical equipment and related services for the water treatment program  of cooling towers, boilers and chillers.


To Supplying high-quality and highly sophisticated chemicals, equipment and related services to the process water treatment of cooling towers, boilers and chiller systems to reduce costly downtime and maintenance costs

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HYDREX (France/Singapore)

Industrial Water treatment chemicals for condenser water System, Boiler water System & chill water system (FDA Approved / ZDHC certified/ ISO certified )


A/C Fin coil cleaning chemicals. Descale & Rust remover chemicals. Alkaline decarbonize chemicals. Condensate pan maintenance tablet.


Chemical Dosing Pump. Automatic blow down system (TDS/EC Controller system)

Total Water Maintenance Solution (Chemicals) Provider Since 1993
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