Our Services

tube brushing/ cleaning by using automatic tube cleaning machine with using new proper size, genuine imported brush to remove existing scale, depositions, rust and corrosion products

  • Boiler Water Systems 
  • Cooling Water Systems 
  • Chill Water Systems.
  • Condenser Units of the Chillers and Package units
  • Oil coolers
  • Complete high-pressure service for Cooling Towers
  • Physical cleaning of shell and tube condensers.
  • Chemical cleaning of Fin coils (Evaporators and Air-Cool condensers

Our Brands

HYDREX (France/Singapore)

Industrial Water treatment chemicals for condenser water System, Boiler water System & chill water system (FDA Approved / ZDHC certified/ ISO certified )


A/C Fin coil cleaning chemicals. Descale & Rust remover chemicals. Alkaline decarbonize chemicals. Condensate pan maintenance tablet.


Chemical Dosing Pump. Automatic blow down system (TDS/EC Controller system)

Total Water Maintenance Solution (Chemicals) Provider Since 1993
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